My aims and objectives


This is actually a goal revision post as previously I was posting on Tumblr but decided it would be far easier to migrate to this community instead – it’s definitely a lot easier to interact with members on here!

Previous goals:

*Daily > After my first cup of tea/coffee of the day, commence 10 minute free-write. [Note to self: This is non-negotiable.]

*Daily > Review study plan and check list each morning to ensure I remain up to date and my daily ‘to-do’ list can be adjusted to suit that day’s schedule.

*Daily > Spend 5 minutes making notes at the end of the day for prompt ideas for the morning free-write session.

*Daily > To spend a minimum of 10 minutes before bedtime reading for pleasure.

*Weekly > Read one chapter of my degree textbook and work through supplementary material.

*Weekly > Complete activities and reading as part of the study schedule for FutureLearn courses (currently ‘Sustainability’ but will also be one on Shakespeare’s Hamlet this month).

*Weekly > Create a basic storyboard/outline of an idea developed through the course of the week.

*Weekly > Write a minimum of 700 words in total.

In some ways, I’m disappointed that I haven’t ‘achieved’ much from this list consistently, but a combination of job hunting, work and assignment issues have taken precedence. The internet has certainly been devouring a lot of that free time like the insatiable beast that it is, even if what I have been exploring has been creative pep talks and business ideas, such as the invaluable advice from Marie Forleo and the brutal pep talks from Elliot Hulse. I have also been educating myself through TedTalks – I so love them!

That aside, I have been reading more. I finished the copy of ‘Hamlet’ I was reading, I started ‘I, Zombie’ by Jo Michaels on lunch breaks or travelling (, I’ve been dipping into ‘A Doll’s House and other plays’ by Ibsen some bedtimes, and I read the sample chapter of ‘Money: A love story’ by Kate Northrup ( today on my way to a job interview.

I would technically be behind on my plans to do freewrite sessions and storyboards but I’ve decided not to beat myself up about it. They’ll happen when they’ll happen as the more I give myself grief, the less likely it is to be re-started. I have, however, come up with more structured ideas for blogging/article writing based on my current set of interests. It really does depend on if I get the job I’m going for as to whether I have the time to fully explore what I want to do, but I have back up plans if it doesn’t work out. Either way, plans to create regular content is currently in the pipeline.

I am also going to push myself to take on board what Marie Forleo has said in her latest video about inspiration: that we should create before we consume (!

New Goals

Work on my C:C ratio

Create – before I even open the laptop, I need to write in a journal (creative ideas, finances, life, dreams, ‘to do’ lists… whatever)

Create – Make physical notes from textbooks relevant to current assignment or EMA

Consume – Check emails/social media

Create – Jot down notes and ideas on what to research or expand on for blog post/article and plan for when content is published (the aim: one per week)

Create – Type up hand written notes on creative ideas/pieces and backup

Consume – Use a set chunk of time to do research for a piece through reading or searching for relevant material

Someone on Marie’s site made a comment that new habits have to be placed before something we do already, which is why I think better habits are established when addressing the C:C ratio.

I’m currently trying to go easy on myself now as there is so little time to work on what I want to, so I’m addressing the pattern I currently have and how to improve it to ensure I allow the better habits to grow. These goals are to be done on a daily basis but the amount of time per day will vary depending on what’s happening. The important thing for me is that I work on instilling a sense of discipline in my daily practices (good habits!), rather than the length of time in the beginning.

I have already used this approach with my skincare routine (twice a day I have hot cloth cleansed and toned, without fail!). I have made home-cooked food regularly enough that there is always a supply to eat well and plenty of fruit and vegetables have been consumed. It is now physical activity that is being tackled – pilates daily!

Until next time, folks!


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