Extending the hand of friendship

Have you ever developed one of those friendships that come from the most unexpected places? I couple of years ago I was working my way through all the guidance books, websites, etc available to an aspiring writer and stumbled across Holly Lisle‘s website. I can’t remember the particulars of how that happened, I expect someone promoted it as being free advice and regular updates, and I jumped at it! Whatever the case, I did and really loved it! I never really invested as much time in the workshops as I should have, and I know that’s one of the many reasons I haven’t moved forward (this is something I’m addressing this year) but I remember them being super informative!

This post isn’t about promoting Holly (though I’d do so willingly), it’s actually about an email I received from her since I’m on her mailing list that put my brain in a spin. Holly is technically unknown to me, since I’ve never actually had a conversation with her. I was reminded earlier of an update (could have been facebook, not email) which included a brief promotion of her daughter’s jewellery shop however many years ago. It was unrelated to writing, but I was still happy to receive it as I just loved it! I loved the mission statement, I loved the style and Rebecca was incredibly helpful. So, despite having to wait for shipping from the US to the UK, I ordered anyway. I was never disappointed! Each time I did order, I received great customer service, fantastic items and often free gifts or samples because I ordered a bunch of items. Or just because she felt like it.

We started up a conversation about this when I made a comment about her not being able to make as much profit if she gave away so much, but she laughed it off. She’s such an awesome woman! You can’t help but love her for it, and our friendship grew from there. We became casual pen friends and I’d sometimes send her gifts like British chocolate. Though, after a while (I suspect because I moved house), we stopped writing to each other. The emails that used to be quite regular stopped since both of us became really busy, and I haven’t heard from her in over a year.

And then I received a mail out from Holly – Rebecca’s volunteer fire-fighting husband (Tony) is in hospital with multiple injuries to his face, skull, arm and foot! It’s truly a miracle he survived the motorcycle accident because of a woman who ignored ‘right of way’, resulting in Tony and his bike smashing into the side of her vehicle, she then proceeded to drive her SUV and trailer over Tony’s body and his bike until a pedestrian forced her to stop.

As I understand it, Tony is currently healing well but with the help of the treatment he’s receiving. The purpose of the mail out was not to ask for handouts, but to make an appeal to all those who love beautiful, handmade jewellery (or even e-books, since Rebecca is also a writer) to aid her husband’s recovery and ease the financial strain on them by placing an order or sharing her shop. If you are a fan of Holly Lisle, check your inbox as there’s also a 10% voucher code and the opportunity to receive a free book package of Holly’s work if you purchase with the voucher code.

Rebecca’s shop can be found here: http://freehippie.etsy.com

A quote from Rebecca from the mail out:

Furthermore if anyone would like to purchase an Intention Coin from my shop, I am offering a free simple wish bracelet with the Intention Coin (this is in addition to the 10% discount).  


They are my favorite things to make for people.  The Intention Coin is a tool or talisman that helps you focus on your goals.  


I made one for my mom, who has been carrying hers since 2011.  Hers says “Persist,” which is her motto. 


Mine vary from year to year, as I tend to have a theme associated with my years, but I’ve noticed how much of a difference they make in my life.  I have made hundreds of these and have heard back from so many customers about the difference the coins make in their ability to work towards their goals during busy lives.


Thank you so much for reading this.  Whether you purchase something, share the shop or send good vibes, it is all genuinely appreciated.


Rebecca Galardo


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