And… we’re in!

After a good night’s rest and an early rise, I plucked out my notepad and jotted a few ideas on what I’d like to achieve before my shift this evening. Nothing particularly earth shattering but I certainly would like to make this time productive, so I’ve got things like time for research, to finish up on the bookshelf de-clutter and put what needs to be kept in the loft to give myself some space. I also have plans to get some exercise in there as well as developing some order to my desk space (in, out and pending files/folders, for example, which is advice from Matthew Stibbe about developing an attitude for getting things done). And to work on narrowing down the options for gaining structured writing experience of a public nature (excluding blog posting).

It seems the many hours I’ve spent trawling through sites, blogs and whatever else I could find has finally come to something useful. Has anyone heard of ‘aboutmyarea‘? I know I’ve stumbled across it a few times but my local area is actually fairly quiet. Articles don’t go up very often, especially not in the areas I want to write for, which is actually perfect for me! It’ll give me the experience I need to practice developing original content, as well as the actual process of article writing, without worrying about stepping on another person’s toes. It’s obviously not paid work as it’s community generated content but I don’t mind that so much at the moment.

How would you go about saving articles for a portfolio? Do I just link to the pages of my article if I sent proposals later on down the line, or do I print and save? Or do I do both? Are there any other suggestions?

Right, so that’s one thing checked off my to-do list, now to work on what I want to cover and when I want to cover it…

Habit 1: “Be proactive” is well under way! We’re now working with habit 2: “Begin with the end in mind” and habit 3: “Put first things first” simultaneously (‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People‘ by Stephen R. Covey).

Warm regards,



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