Seinfield, chains and the ether.

I was on a little journey venturing through articles on business development and productivity before I stumbled across one titled How the ‘Seinfield Strategy’ can help you stop procrastinating. This definitely caught my eye since I’d already become sucked into reading by 10am rather than cracking on with the to-do list I wrote around 9am.

Phrases leapt off the page and successively jabbed me in the eye:

You need to pick a task that is meaningful…

Writing can actually produce a meaningful result, even when it’s done in small doses…

…you’re never going to write… by merely researching…

Thank you James Clear for reminding me of what’s important – not to break the chain. I need to find me a wall calender!


I was reading a blog post by Tia Bach in which she discussed her marketing concerns and that totally hit home for me. This week I seem to be conquering the demon (Ha! Take that, demon!) that prevents me from creating; only to be tackle-glomped by the reality that the next step is going to be harder!

I’m trying not to let that throw up the road blocks though. I want to embrace each challenge as being something new and exciting. I don’t have a hoard of people to rally around me. I actually currently have no set network (does my mum count?). I’m definitely at the beginning of this ‘create an author platform’ journey. I love the idea of that growing, but what if it doesn’t? What if I continue to send out blog posts, thoughts, advice from what I’ve learned, and then my work out into the ether only to receive no input. It’s no longer about receiving negative critiques of my work, or not being able to sell anything that worries me – it’s receiving nothing. No comments, no support, no insights, not even the sound of crickets (maybe I should download a track full of crickets?)

So, in summary, I feel great that I’m clambering over the creative hump and getting back into the pattern I love but the future looms ahead in that rather menacing fashion… how do you tackle that fear? Have you created a platform you’re happy with?

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6 thoughts on “Seinfield, chains and the ether.

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your words of encouragement. I don’t know that I can help with the platform thing but what I do now is that if we allow our fears to paralyze us, then we end up with nothing. I should know … took me long enough to put myself out there. Good luck and keep writing!

  2. Hey Callie! Don’t let the marketing part scare you. Or the platform-building. You’re doing that now with your blog and by joining the IWSG. Network and visit others and soon you’ll have an army to help you.
    And your link was wrong on the list, so I fixed it. Next time you should have a lot more visitors. Sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner.

    • Oh, I’m sorry! What did I do wrong? I’m glad you managed to find me though. Thank you!

      And thank you also for your kind words. I’m trying not to worry too. I’m finding watching some of Marie Forleo’s videos on business and such helps to get me in the right mindset, but it’s nice to know that, with time and effort, everything else should start to fall into place.

      • It will fall into place! I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. I still managed. And your link led to your dashboard, which only you can access. Found you by shortening the link to just your blog address. No worries!

      • Whoops! Thanks very much for fixing it. I really should get a handle on this techy stuff at some point… Went through my teens surrounded by this shit, but never really took much interest in it until recently. Silly me.

        That floundering is kind of fun sometimes. Certainly makes it easier for helping others along when you know how it feels to not know what you’re doing.

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