“Chug, chug” – tis the sound of my motor, yo.

I have an intention coin made by my good friend Rebecca at FreeHippie which reads: “Live by intuition and inspiration” which is an extract from a quote I love by Eileen Caddy. The full version is:

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds.
It will get you nowhere.
Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.

I used to wear this on a chain until the chain broke when I was rather enthusiastically waving about and managed to catch the necklace. I have no idea how I managed to as the chain was pretty sturdy, but it broke none the less. Since then it has remained in my purse for the last couple of years – and that sufficed. Not anymore.

I was thinking about my coin earlier and have decided to pull it out and attach it to a necklace or cord to replace my totem necklace I’ve worn for the last couple of years. It’s not necessarily that I feel I need it, but I think it’ll help. This week’s actually been a pretty good week for deflecting any negativity in my life. The work situation hasn’t changed, but my attitude seems to have and I want to stick with this. By wearing the intention coin I want to be able to remind myself regularly what it is that’s important in my life.

I know I don’t want to remain there, and something will come up that’s better suited to me. But I need to accept that it’s a necessary evil and, whilst I am there, I should do my best to not let it knock me off my game. It’s not important, so I shouldn’t give it more energy or time than it truly warrants. Especially since it’s been affecting my sleep and that’s never a good thing for clarity and a positive attitude. Which reminds me of the quote:

When you know what’s important, it’s a lot easier to ignore what’s not.

I believe that was a quote that came from the Flylady.net articles, in case you wondered.

But, what is important?

Well, I am. My dreams and aspirations are most definitely the things that I should hold onto and cherish. I have left toxic relationships (friendships and otherwise) because I felt they wouldn’t allow me the freedom to pursue the dreams I have, so why should I tolerate it from myself?

This may also go towards explaining my love of Marie Forleo. She is a big believer in loving yourself, your vision and working towards a better future both for yourself and for the community too. And she really makes me believe I can achieve that, which is why it makes me sad that I’m not in the position financially to take her business course this year. I’m going to try to whip up a scholarship application but I know that I won’t be able to get the money together before the registration closes on the 5 March if I don’t get the scholarship – and there are so many great candidates who really deserve it, who have their businesses up and running and are doing some great work.

What inspires you? Do share!

ROW80LogocopyIn terms of my writer’s plans, I set up Scrivener again after a very long break and transferred my Lost in the Dark script to it. Added a whole bunch of scene outlines and sorted out the story arc and sub-plot. I’ve added 8 pages (which brings me up to 24/100) before realising I don’t like Scrivener for this. I like that I can move things around, scene wise, but it isn’t easy for seeing how much work I’ve done. It doesn’t seem to format things properly, and the damn cursor won’t do as it’s told. So I transferred back to Word and I’m currently just using Scrivener for the plan (kind of like a story board), as well as storing notes and such for later. I’m just having to split my Word document up in such a way that it’s easy enough to see when I need to move things around if I change the ordering on Scrivener.

I’m not going to worry too much about format at the moment though, I’m just thinking about what’s easier for draft purposes. Can’t believe the script workshop is only 2 weeks and 3 days away! I also received an email from BBC Writer’s Room:

Scriptroom 5 will open for online submissions from 9am on Monday 17th March until midnight on Monday 31st March inclusive.

This year we are accepting submissions by genre. For Scriptroom 5, we will only be accepting TV & Film Drama scripts.

If you would like to submit a comedy, radio, children’s or stage script later in the year, the submission windows can be found on our blog.

Best of luck – we look forward to receiving your scripts!

How perfect is that timing? It just so happens to be that Lost in the Dark is a drama script. Whoop! I know there aren’t any guarantees but it certainly fits nicely into the writer lifestyle as quoted from Holly Lisle:

The definition of a writing career is: write a book, write another book, write another book

Once I finish this script, I send it off and move on to the next project. Thereby getting myself into the habit of not thinking too much about the whys and wherefores. I know I have lots to learn but I’d rather be learning on the job. If it’s rejected, it’s rejected. But at least I sent it out and learn from that process. I can only get better with practice and perseverance, right? “Yay” to forward momentum!

Until next time, folks. Go visit ROWERs!



2 thoughts on ““Chug, chug” – tis the sound of my motor, yo.

  1. I love those sayings and if it is around your neck then it is even closer to your heart:) Art, music, a good book, animals and positive people inspire me. To see a great work of art almost brings me to tears. Creativity , in whatever form, is needed and should be cherished

    • Sorry for the tardy response. I got waylaid with coursework and work-work and it’s always writing/socialising that seems to take the hit. This is something I’ll be addressing this year.

      Thank you for you comment. The phrase is very close to me and there are times when I’ve felt physically sick when I’ve thought I’ve lost it (it’s fallen of the lace it’s attached to due to a faulty clasp). I rarely have sentimental attachment to things, but it’s more what it signifies that binds me so closely to it. It’s nice to have those reminders of what’s important to you.

      I totally agree with you! Creativity is what makes this world so incredibly wonderful. Creativity, innovation, exploration, adventure… so many things in this world to love and be thankful for.

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