Blog Necromancy

I imagine I’m dragging the battered booted feet along the ground, my failing limbs objecting to the motion. And yet, that’s not true. I miss the process of writing for writing’s sake. I also miss chatting to fellow writers from all over the world, just because I can.

This is essentially an update along the lines of ‘where am I now?’ and ‘what are your goals this year?’

I reverted to the habit of list making in notepads and on scraps of paper. I’ve found they don’t make me anymore accountable for my actions (or inactions) than writing them on a blog does. It’s important I acknowledge this point, because that seemed to be my reason for disappearing for long periods. I become disheartened by the stale life I sometimes feel I’m in, or embarrassed. Embarrassed about big plans that don’t happen as quickly as I’d like. Especially when you know there are people out there who are all too happy to say they knew you couldn’t do it. That they only ask where you’re up to because they want to know you fail too, regardless of how big you dream.

Yet, the dream never leaves. It’s not really a dream at all.You is really me. Or maybe it’s both of us… I won’t really know that, unless you tell me. But I find the dream is more of an impulse; an urge; a feeling that I need more. I hope that if I hold its tail, it’ll lead me to where I need to be. That doesn’t happen though. I get shaken loose and find I’m not on that path anymore.

This is my reminder. I’m not really so far away as I once was, and yet there are still processes I have to go through. I’m still not where I feel I should be, but I’m making progress.

I’ve spoken before about work places not being what I want or need. That’s changed now. I’m now working for a PR agency. I’m mostly doing admin, but I also work on their social media. That’s more adhoc at the moment because I’ve only been there 3 months but, as I learn more about the industry, I can then pick up more projects. My aim is to develop a content plan that’s industry driven to engage with their target audience, but that relies heavily on me being able to carry those discussions. I will get there!

I am in my 3rd year of an English degree currently doing a module on reading and studying literature (A230), and advanced creative writing (A363) through Open University. Only one more module (The Art of English) and I’ll be graduating my BA (hons) summer of 2016. My grades aren’t too shabby, but they would have been better if I gave it more time (which I don’t have).

My aim last year was to pick up more classes or activities that I found challenging, physically, but were fun. I did about 3 months of aerial swing (think: Cirque de Soliel) before I had to put it on pause for the workplace change. I’m now back driving and booked onto the next course at the end of this month. Still very much a beginner!


I have also started Ashtanga yoga this year (3 lessons so far). I’m really enjoying this! My main aims are to improve flexibility and strength, to support my aerial training. The de-stress and health benefits of Ashtanga are a bonus. Such a lovely environment to train in!

So… where do I go from here?


My writing still needs a lot of work. I have to be honest about that. Idea generation isn’t a problem, but my dialogue needs work. Plot holes and the like can also be a bit of a problem, but I’m getting there. There’s a fab group of students on my course forum who offer some awesome advice, not to mention the invaluable feedback from my tutor.

My plan for the next few months is to engage with the learning material as much as possible, with my end of module assignment being a novel (due 19 May).

I also have a list of books I need to work my way through for both creative writing, development, and the literature module. [I will add this as a separate list and link to it when done]

I will be exploring online resources for content creation, article writing, and story development to cover the areas I feel are weakest.

I’ve already joined Writing Magazine’s membership (it’s been many years) and Mslexia. Hopefully they’ll help to get me more familiar with the ever changing world of writing. I seem to spend most of my time paying very little attention!

There was also a site which was super helpful when I used to listen to it and found it in my blog drafts for me to explore in more detail – so I’ll have to investigate!


Socialising needs to be up there on the list too. I certainly don’t meet that many people, especially not those I can share my interests with, so I’ll be working finding activities or groups that do expand my social ‘circle’.

I could do with looking at public speaking, or something of that nature, as I know confidence can be an issue. Especially if I want to be more involved with workshops.

To swing by ROW80 and ISWG to see if they’re still relevant to my journey, which I’m sure they are!

Health and Fitness

I would like to take pictures or videos of my progress on flexibility and sequences. I know that’s fine for aerial, but I’ll have to work something out for yoga.

To continue to make minor adjustments to diet to accommodate shifts in mindset towards health and well-being.

To also plan in extra training when we decide at work what charity fundraising we’re doing (the talk is a 10k run, an open water swim, and a team relay bike ride, so we’ll see).

Today’s Plan

To eat lunch

Go for a walk

Do a little grocery shop

Cook up a batch or two of food stuffs

Finish the short story draft for TMA05 (next creative writing assignment)

Read ‘Beach of Falesa’ for TMA04 for literature assignment.

That’s all for now folks. šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Blog Necromancy

  1. Bravo on your aerial work, looks beautiful and shows bravery! In our pantomime this year (Beauty and the Beast) there was some aerial work (are they called ribbons? I’m not sure!) and it was all we talked about, so awesome. Looking forward to reading more on your blog. Well done on your courses. The Ashtanga yoga sounds fab!

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