Information addict

The safest thing to ensure I actually stay faithful to my writer ‘muse’ is to be blasted into outer space with something to write with and on. Implements designed not to float away. Having a space suit and a sufficient supply of food, drink and a way to dispose of waste would also be super handy. Ok… this is getting rather complicated now. I’m sure you get the picture though.

I get distracted so easily, especially by learning something new. It has this way of making me feel productive even if I haven’t planned it in. Rather than going through my list of things to do that day, I read a helpful article, piece of advice, explore a website… and so on. Oh well, I’ll get there.

In doing so though, I came across a few really great bits of information. I found some fantastic information which is essentially a dummy’s guide to building a website (perfect!), listened to Holly Lisle critique some of her student’s work to show how to improve when developing a novel, and I’ve just found an article which directed me to where I can create an editorial calender really easily. See why I feel I’m being productive?

So, I’m now the proud owner of my own domain name, but I’m yet to set up the website. I’m also in the process of building my editorial calendar which will include set days for blogging (such as the ROW80 and Insecure Writer Support Group updates) and I’ll be adding my own projects to that too so it’s all in one place. I do like feeling productive.

Oh! And I’ve also managed to install Scrivener as I bought a laptop ages ago but never got around to switching my membership to this laptop. Now my script is all set up on there, and I’ve even managed to sort out the story arc by moving and adding scenes, essentially planning right there and then! The only bug bear I have though is that, although I’m in the script template, there doesn’t appear to be any guidance on the format. The font was really cursive, which didn’t look right so I changed that. I’ll have to spend some time working that one out at a later stage, but for now it does the job. I can worry about working the kinks out once the draft is done and dusted.

Can’t wait to start building new and better novel drafts in there too! It’s been a while since I used it so I totally forget how beautifully simple it was.

I hope everyone’s week has started out great!

All the best,



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